Maine Heritage Weavers – Loomed to be Heirloomed!

When I was a little girl the highlight of each Summer entailed traveling to my Aunt Eunice’s lovely farm house in Easton, Maine.  I loved her blue ribbon vegetable garden; the way strangers gave a friendly wave from their cars passing by the farm house; and the soft Terry coverlets and bedspreads she had on all the beds.  The raised hobnail patterns and pom pom fringe gave each of her many bedrooms such a happy and welcoming feeling that to this day when I see a Terry bedspread I am immediately transported back to Summer in Maine.

I am super excited to tell you about my visit and tour of Maine Heritage Weavers in Monmouth, Maine where those Terry coverlets and bedspreads are still manufactured today along with Matelasse and classic woven bedspreads, coverlets and blankets!

Maine Heritage Weavers,

Here is a Terry Loom making a Candlewick bedspread.

Here is a Terry Loom making a Candlewick bedspread.

And here is the final product.  This design is The New England Tradition.

And here is the final Candlewick product.  This design is The New England Tradition.

This woven bedspread is perfect in pattern Spectrum.

This woven bedspread is a lovely pattern called Spectrum.

For years all the big designers have featured flag style design for their All American themes but rarely do they manufacture them in the USA.  Well here is the Betsy Ross pattern in the Matelasse Collection made in Maine and so well designed.  I love this!  How about a few pillows made of  recycled denim to complete the look.

For years all the big designers have featured flag style designs for their All American themes but rarely do they manufacture them in the USA. Well here is the Betsy Ross pattern in the Matelasse Collection made in Maine. This is so well designed, I love it!  How about a few bolster pillows made of recycled denim to complete the look.

Bates Mills Stores

This Snowflake throw and the George Washington’s Choice woven blankets are a must for any home and a great gift item.

This seashell bedspread is so perfect for a Summer house or ocean lovers!!

This seashell bedspread is perfect for a Summer house or ocean lovers!!

With Spring here and redecoration on our to do lists how about a Candlewick bedspread in French Blue or one of my favorite the White Matelasse…there is nothing more cooling and refreshing on a hot day!  For more information or to order visit


Maine Heritage Weavers has a rich and interesting history.  It started out as the Bates Mills Manufacturing Company in 1883. It was established by Benjamin Bates (Bates College is named after him) in Lewiston, Maine as part of the thriving cotton textile industry in America.  During the Civil War Bates Mills worked full throttle producing duck fabrics for tenting.  After the war Bates Mills continued to produce hundreds of fabrics from damasks to gingham’s to cottons for myriad of household products.  During WW2 Bates Mills turned out vast quantities of nylon parachute cloths and camouflage cloth.  Bates Mills had many ingenious inventions and ideas including the matching bedspread/drapery sets very popular with college students for their dorm room decor.  Check out this vintage Bates advertisement in Vogue Magazine August 1948 with a very young George Bush Sr and Barbara Bush posing in a dorm at Yale University.

Bates Mills Advertisement

However, in the 1950’s Bates Mills started closing until there was just one mill remaining in 2002.  Fortunately the wise and industrious Mr. Fred Lebel who had worked for Bates Mills since 1961 and worked his way up to President of the company was determined to build up the business.  Mr Lebel located a large factory in Monmouth Maine, tracked down the looms and equipment and secured the proper funding to establish Maine Heritage Weavers.   Thanks to Mr Lebel, his family, and his family of employees those candlewick spreads, coverlets, and blankets continue to be made with pride, quality and are loomed to be heirloomed by the good people in Maine and Made with Style in the USA!

Until next time Happy Stylish Shopping Made in the USA!  L


Sumptuous Throws Made on Nantucket Island

For as long as I can remember I have loved Nantucket Island (off the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts).  It is here you will find Nantucket Looms which has a rich history and a wonderful product line.  They are best know for their line of luxurious Cotton, Mohair and Cashmere throws, all produced in their weaving studios right above their Main Street retail store.  They also offer a variety of unique and stylish home furnishings and gift items.

Nantucket Looms weaving studios

The welcoming women at Nantucket Looms gave me an informative tour of their weaving studios and how the process works.   Nantucket Looms is a production hand weaving  process.  Once the loom is set up, (a detailed task), they are able to produce 7-8 throws.

Here is Becky at one of the looms working on a Mohair throw.

Craftsmanship at its best!

In addition to their regular variety of  beautiful throws I was really excited to learn of a special edition they weave each year for the Nantucket Conservation Foundation Inc.  For this endeavor everything is exclusive to Nantucket even the sheep!!   Here is  how it works.

  • Lovely sheep graze on conservation property on Nantucket.  Their grazing conserves the unique grassland on Nantucket.
  • In October the sheep are sheared during Nantucket’s Cranberry Festival.
  • This wool is sent to the Twist of Fate Spinnery in Portland, CT where they spin it into various weights of yarn.
  • The skeins of yarn come back to Nantucket Looms and they are woven into 4’x7′  organic, wool blankets.

A skein of wool from Nantucket sheep sits atop two of the woven blankets.

Here are some more images from the weaving studio.

Weaving studio at Nantucket Looms


Everything is beautiful at Nantucket Looms!


OK, lets go downstairs to the retail shop.  My personal favorite item is the 100 % cotton, machine washable, 4’x7′ woven, throw.  I love the weave pattern, color options, and the generous hand tied fringe and did I say…its machine washable! After you treat yourself to one of these don’t forget to keep it in mind as a wonderful wedding gift option.  At $310. I think it is well worth the investment since you will have it for a very long time.

This really is the perfect summer or fall throw for those cool evenings.


A Mohair throw.


The most luxurious Cashmere throws.


Oh and I cant forget the smaller items they offer like the lovely Wildflower and Glycerine soaps that are made in Rhode Island for Nantucket Looms.

A box of these soaps makes a great and very affordable hostess gift. A three pack of Wildflower soaps for $6.00


Nantucket Looms at 51 Main Street. The weaving studio is on the second floor.

That’s me eying the delicious throw in the window.

Bye-bye Nantucket…I miss you already.  If you want to learn more about Nantucket Looms, purchase a throw or shop for other items check out their website: