Goorin Brothers – Hatmakers since 1895

Goorin Brothers hats

If you yearn for a departure from what I call, bland and boring mall shopping, then step into a Goorin Brothers hat shop.  Started in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1895 by Cassel Goorin, (the castle logo was inspired from his first name) where he first sold his finely crafted hats off a horse cart.  Fast forward to today and the company is still run by a Goorin – Cassel’s great grandson.  And of course my favorite part of the story is that the lions share of their hats are made in USA!

I recently visited two Goorin hat shops, the Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts locals.  From the inviting exterior windows to the minute you step inside – old world charm is everywhere from the hat lined walls and niches; to the antique artifacts; to the friendly and helpful shop keepers; all the way down to their tissue paper and business cards.   Lots of mirrors for trying on hats and lots of help from the staff make it a really enjoyable shopping experience.  Here are some of my highlights:

A display of various wool, felted hats all part of their Heritage Collection made in Pittsburgh, PA since 1895.


Assistant shopkeeper, Matt wearing an all felted hat made in Pittsburgh, PA


The 1333 Minna Collection consists of various San Francisco Bay artists who design unique hats for Goorin Brothers.  I love the design on the interior of the hat too.


The Ruben Spitz Collection made in New Jersey.

Ruby Spitz runs the last “cut and sew” hat factory in America out of New Jersey.


Love the antique hat stretcher and don’t forget to purchase a unique feather for your hat selection.


Ladies wide brim felt hats.

My Mother had fun trying on a straw cloche hat and a wide brim felt hat.

Mom purchased a sporty Grenadier hat made in the USA!

And finally,  don’t forget a hat box or two for storage of all those toppers!

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