This all started with a throw!  As an interior designer (Violetta Interior Design) and someone who appreciates quality I was really annoyed when both the seemingly lovely throw and four accent pillows I purchased at  large retail stores, began to fray, fall apart, and shed fringe, after just a few months of normal use.  When checking these pieces closely to see if they could be repaired I noticed that none of these items were made in America.  OK, now I had wasted my time shopping, my money, and I had given my business to another continent!  Not long after I had thrown away the “not worth repairing” accessories I came upon a really stunning, soft throw with a Made in USA tag.  It was more expensive than the “throw away” one I had wasted my money on but to me it was well worth the price.  This was my light bulb moment.  I need to go out of my way to purchase  products that are Made in the USA.  If I am going to take a chance on a product why not take it with a USA made product!   I have read numerous times that economists say if we spent 1% more on American goods we could create 200,000 more jobs for USA!  Something else that really caught my attention was this ABC News Video that visited a normal American family to see how many items in their home were Made in the USA.
With a little effort on our part I believe we can have a WIN-WIN situation: stylish, quality, products and Made in the USA!  The more we buy American the more encouragement and demand there will be for American made!   So let’s work together and…”From California, to New York Island, From the redwood forest, to the gulf stream waters”*….let’s discover all those wonderful, stylish, USA made products and do our part to keep American strong!

*portion of lyrics from This Land is Your Land by Woody Guthrie.

I live in Massachusetts but this is me in stylish Savannah, Georgia!

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  1. Much success with this blog, Linda. We can learn lot from you. If we seek out the quality of style and grace that you possess yourself, I think many will support you. All the best wishes from New York.

  2. Hi,

    My name is Matt Sakdalan, Director of Business Strategy & Development at Concord Button Downs. I am contacting you to inform Style Made In USA of our brand, our story, and our upcoming S/S Collection launching soon. Additionally, I am inquiring about the potential of working collectively in the near future.

    Concord Button Downs is a boutique men’s brand that offers high quality sport-shirts crafted in the U.S. Based in the Northeast, our product highlights authentic IVY League attire, which became iconic in the 1950’s & 60’s. By blending traditional features (i.e. untreated oxford cloth, high-weave twill) with conventional design (i.e. tailored traditional fit, lowered second button) we offer a selection of goods that have become increasing difficult to location in mainstream markets.

    As an admirer of your online periodical, it is my belief that readers of Style Made In USA would be interested in Concord Button Downs because of our commitment to traditional goods, domestically produced products, and our lookbooks, which captures this strong New England essence. At our core, we offer fine New England shirting, and are excited by the possibility to collaborating.

    To view more of our lookbook: http://www.concordbuttondowns.com/look-book.

    Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

    P.S. – We are thrilled that you are from Massachusetts! CBD mainly works up in the North Shore.


    • Hi Matt, Yes I am familiar with your product line and would like to include you in an upcoming blog post. Please email me a time I can interview you. In the meantime feel free to follow my Stye Made in the USA Facebook page since I make more frequent posts linking American Made designers to my followers. I think I am already following your FB page if not I will! Best, Linda
      PS I always need new people to sign up for my blog so feel free to ask friends and relatives to email sign up for my monthly post of American Made products – I am passionate to spread the word in 2014!! Thanks.

  3. Dear Linda,
    I believe we share the same message, the only difference is that I blog about North American Design in German from Germany. I try to teach Germans about really interesting North American brands, products and trends (mostly interior, no fashion though). Maybe we could do something together once in a while. Great blog!
    Kindly, Eva
    Waldfrieden State.

    • Hi Ana, I love your blog! So glad to find like minded people to encourage others! I will sign up to follow your blog as well. Let me know if you ever want to do a guest post on my sight! thanks Linda

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