Schott NYC


I love Fall in Manhattan, the weather is crisp and its a perfect time to stroll, shop, eat, and explore the seemingly infinite shops both new and well established.  The Schott flagship store at 236 Elizabeth Street is rich with history.  In 1913 brothers Irving & Jack Schott starting making raincoats which were sold by street peddlers.   After that Irving began designing leather jackets.  The first to put a zipper on a jacket the Schott brothers developed the American classic…the motorcycle jacket. In 1928, Irving Schott designed and produced the first leather motorcycle jacket. Retailing for $5.50 at a Long Island Harley Davidson distributor, the Perfecto (named after Irving’s favorite cigar…the Perfecto) was durable, rugged, and immediately a hit!

I love all the Made in USA brands carried at Schott NYC:  Chippewa boots, Digby & Iona jewelry, American Trench,  and of course the Schott and Perfecto jackets.

Digby & Iona Spyglass (fully functional!) on 26" sterling chain

Spyglass (fully functional!)
on 26″ sterling chain

AMERICAN TRENCH Watch Cap hand knit USA

Watch Cap hand knit USA

Schott NYC

Until next time enjoy every moment of this wonderful refreshing weather and  happy shopping Made in the USA! L



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