The Bow Tie Club

I have always loved a man in a bow tie.  Whether at work, at a wedding, a Kentucky Derby party I love the look! But if you have ever tried to find a great selection of bow ties at your local retail stores it can be a sad trip…usually a few pre-tied ones hanging as an after thought below the socks in the men’s department!  Now you can enjoy a stylish array of beautifully made silk bow ties Made in the USA in Baltimore Maryland!   The Bow Tie Club has a great selection of formal and fun bow ties you can order online.  Need help tying a bow tie?….thats available on their website as well.


The Bow Tie Club

The Bow Tie Club


I think every guy is just a little bit cooler when he wears a bow tie!  Made Stylishly in the USA.  Be sure and check out The Bow Tie Club at

Men in bow ties

Until next time happy stylish shopping Made in the USA!






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