Barbara Maran Goldberg Designs – Hand Crafted Jewelry

I don’t know about you but come Springtime I am in need of a few new baubles to give my wardrobe a fresh look.  The whimsical and refreshing designs of  Boston jewelry designer Barbara Goldberg of Barbara Maran Goldberg Designs totally fits the bill!

Barbara Goldberg hand crafted jewelry

Barbara gets her inspiration from “anyplace I can see pattern and the interaction of colors”… sources including couture magazines like Vogue, interior design magazines and even store catalogs can inspire her to start sketching.

Barbara Maran Goldberg Designs

Barbara works with a rainbow of Polimer Clays many times adding silver, gold and copper leaf to the mix.

Barbara Goldberg designs

First she uses a pasta machine to flatten out the clay.

Barbara Goldberg Jewelry,

Then she rolls the various clays into a log as you can see below.  The logs are sliced and then shaped into the individual clay beads which reveal the various swirls, grids, and waves that make each bead truly unique!  The clay beads are baked in an oven and finally glazed with a resin.

Barbara Goldberg Jewelry

In addition to making the labor intensive clay beads Barbara also produces her own hand blown glass beads.   Many times she adds Swarovski crystals for a touch of  sparkle.  It is the combination of these elements:  clay, glass, and crystal which makes her jewelry designs so special.

Barbara Goldberg Jewelry

Barbara Maran Goldberg Designs

Barbara has a studio in the south end of Boston.

Barbara Maran Goldberg Designs

450 Harrison Avenue Suite 318

Boston Massachusetts 02118

If you are near Boston you can see her creations at the SOWA First Fridays Open Studios the first Friday of every month!   Until next time happy stylish shopping Made in the USA!  Linda


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  1. How fabulous..thank you, thank you. Everything is terrific..what you wrote and THE PICTURES..again thanks to Barry. I love it,love it. I am going to forward it on get people to your blog. Speak to you tomorrow

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