Stylish Sterling Silver Jewelry by Jill O’Reilly Designs

Sterling silver brooch with blue topaz

Sterling silver brooch with blue topaz

As a native New Englander I know that you don’t have to walk  far to see original architecture; period homes; landscape designs and parks that were designed and built by our founding fathers.  It is just this local  inspiration  that lead jewelry designer Jill O’Reilly of Jill O’Reilly Designs to develop her Stone Wall jewelry collection.  Jill who lives in historic Lexington Massachusetts is often  inspired while out on her walks along the many old stone wall lined streets in Lexington.   By focusing on the various stone walls, individual rocks, and stones as her muse  Jill both  conceptualized and brought to fruition a jewelry collection  that both  connects to the past and compliments the  modern and organic spirit of today’s style.

Jill says that making each one-of-a-kind piece is like building a stone wall itself.  She starts with a flat piece of sterling silver (from US mines) and utilizing various tools she builds her design.  How appropriate that one of her favorite tools is an old hammer that she salvaged from the trash years ago since this vintage tool produces a unique stone effect each time she strikes the silver.  All of her designs are hand fabricated so each piece is truly one-of-a-kind.

Jill in her design studio

Jill in her design studio


Jill O'Reilly DesignsWhat has resulted is a beautiful collection of  handmade bracelets, cuffs, earrings, brooches and necklaces using sterling silver, 14k gold, 14/20 gold-filled and natural gemstones in some designs.  Lets take a look:

3/4″ wide cuff

Stonewall earrings

Stonewall earrings

1/2″ wide bracelet

To see  more jewelry by Jill O’Reilly Designs or to order, check out: Crafty Yankee in Lexington, Massachusetts.    Don’t forget Valentines Day is just around the corner!  In addition to that, this year marks Lexington, Massachusetts 300th birthday celebration of the towns incorporation!  Talk about an American tradition with a solid foundation!

Until next time happy Made in the USA  shopping!


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