American Apparel – Made in Downtown Los Angeles

American Apparel proudly greets you with its made in USA info!

American Apparel, founded by Dov Charney, is a fascinating company – (read lots more about Dov,  his personal journey, and how he started American Apparel).   In addition to  manufacturing  wonderfully trendy, fun, and well made clothing  right in Los Angeles,  American Apparel currently employs over 4,500 employees in their downtown LA factory alone!  In addition to supplying all its American Apparel stores throughout the USA they export their Made in USA clothes to stores in China, Europe, Australia and South America!  The product line is geared towards a young demographic but there really is something for everyone including women, men, teens, kids and babies.    For myself I found several stylish blouses to wear under my vintage jackets;  cute t shirts to help motivate me to get to the gym and some really pretty lipgloss and nail polish.  Oh, and they carry a line of vintage pieces – California Select – at their online store.

I love these skinny jeans in many delicious colors.


Lots of lace and sheer skirts and dresses for layering.


The opaque pantyhose come in a rainbow of colors.


Lipgloss -They have a full line of nail polish too and all made in the USA.


A sea of T’s for the guys.


Great selections for babies and kids too!

A handful of products carried at American Apparel are not produced in the USA so if you are being really diligent just check for the Made In USA tags on the garments.  Check their store locator for a shop near you or you can always shop their online store.


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