Stylish handbags made from recycled newspapers in Massachusetts.

I am super excited to tell you about a unique and stylish line of ladies handbags all designed and made in Massachusetts from recycled newspapers!  Connie Carmen, founder of Couture Planet, who works at the elegant Copley Fairmont Hotel in Boston came up with the idea of making these bags after seeing tons of daily guest room newspapers hauled away.  The ingenious clutches, wristlets, handbags, and totes, utilize choice newspaper print with eye catching graphics, titillating  topics, and interesting advertisements, via publications like The Boston Globe and The New York Times.  Custom bags can be made to order as well.

The lovely ladies from Couture Planet invited me to visit their facility located in the historic Lady Pinkham factory in Lynn, Massachusetts.  Here I was thrilled to see dozens of bags hot off the press!

So they start with newspapers.


Then newspaper pages are selected and “fabric” sheets are made. Ten layers of newspaper are used and each sheet is laminated and double stitched.


Fabric sheets sorted for various portions of a bag like front, back or bottom.


A selection of clutches.


I love the grommet closure.


A wine theme clutch. Notice how the ingenious design carries the theme inside the clutch!


A Coco bag with lucite handles. I always wanted a Louis Vuitton bag!


An assortment of ever changing clutches, totes, and handbags.


The boutique at the Copley Fairmont Hotel in Boston.

For more details, prices and store locations check out their website,


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